What do you want to ware today?

The super-geniuses in the Bogusoft Advanced Vapourware division are ecstatic to announce their latest must-have software marvel...

* * * New and Improved * * *


Features include:

As you can see, SuperUltraMaxiPlus is truly the silver bullet you've been waiting for.

Go to your nearest Bogusoft dealer and buy a copy of SuperUltraMaxiPlus today.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Insert the SuperUltraMaxiPlus installation diskette in drive A.

    No floppy drive? No problem. Just place the floppy diskette in the CD tray in the special osmosis position as shown on the diskette label.

  2. Go to the DOS prompt and type A:SUMP and press Enter.

    No DOS prompt? What's your problem?

  3. You will see the message 'Bad command or file name.' Don't worry, that's normal.

    On Windows XP you may see the message 'sump' is not recognized as an internal or external command. This is normal because the SuperUltraMaxiPlus installer runs as neither an internal nor external command, but rather as a subternal command that displaces the interpretational lexington parsers and executes in protected sandbox kernels.

  4. Now start Windows (if, for some reason, it was not running when you did all that other stuff before) and click on any icon. SuperUltraMaxiPlus will have already executed and completed your work for you, so go home and relax.

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